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Bring Your Own Device Policy

Parramatta High School would like to facilitate and promote the bringing of a computing device to school by all students in Years 7 - 12 for use in their education.

This document provides advice and direction to students for the use of personal computing devices at school to access the Department of Education and Communities’ wireless network.

Students, parents, and guardians must read and understand these guidelines and sign the contract agreement.


The centrally driven and supported model for the supply of technology resources in education is no longer a model which can meet the demands of teachers and students.

Parramatta High School values the rich learning experiences that tightly integrated interactions with technology brings. The promotion and advancement of their integration is core to the school's educational philosophies. 

By facilitating Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Parramatta High School empowers its students and gives them direct involvement in the way they use technology in their learning. At the same time, BYOD enables teachers to build on their experiences in the previous centrally delivered model and adapt to their new heterogeneous BYOD environment without losing the core technological capabilities on which they have been able to rely. 


General policy documents 

Claims and damages information

Misuse of technology


1. To facilitate and promote the bringing of a computing device to school by all students in Years 7 and 8 students for use in their education.

2. To provide a safe environment in which students can achieve Objective 1.

3. To ensure a minimum standard of device compatibility.

4. To enable students to use technology to further their learning, independently and in structured lessons.

5. To provide a basis on which Parramatta High School teachers can continue to tailor lesson delivery so that students can use their devices in class toward specific learning outcomes.


(A) Students and Parents/Carers

Year 7- 8 students are required to bring their own device. Their device must be a personal device of student's own choosing and ownership which meets the Device Minimum Specifications.

• The personal device must be able to be brought to school on every school day and be solely the students to use throughout the school day.

• Students and Parents are responsible for ensuring the device brought to school meets all the requirements of the Device Minimum Specifications.

A device which does not meet the Specification will not be permitted access to school networks and services. Mobile Phones are not considered as a device.

• Prior to bringing a personal device for the first time, students and their parents must read and sign the BYOD User Agreement which sets out the responsibilities and expectations for use of the personal device at Parramatta High School.

• Students must use their device in accordance with the school's Cyber Safety Policy, the Department of Education and Communities’ policy Online Communication Services: Acceptable Usage and their BYOD User Agreement

• Students must follow teachers' directions as to appropriate use of their devices in class.

 Each student is absolutely and solely responsible for the care and conduct of their own personal device whilst:

At school or at other school activities

Travelling to and from school or to and from other school activities

Students must connect their device to the designated wireless data network supplied by the DEC using their own, individual user account credentials only. Students must not connect to any other network, wired, wireless or cellular. Students must not bridge the Parramatta High School designated network to any other network.

(B) Teachers

Teachers should encourage and facilitate the use of students' devices in their classes where they deem appropriate. Use of students' own devices in class is, however, at the sole discretion of the teacher.

(C) Parramatta High School

Parramatta High School will: 

Maintain a BYOD Equity Policy to ensure all students, no matter their family’s financial means, have access to the computing resources, inside and outside of class time whilst at school, that are required by their coursework.

Provide a BYOD User Agreement to list the responsibilities and expectations of each student and their families in the BYOD program.

Ensure a copy of the BYOD User Agreement is signed by each student and their parents prior to allowing the student's device to be brought to school.

Publish Device Specifications that outlines the requirements for BYOD program devices, including but not limited to:

Size or form factor

Network connectivity 

Operating system  

Input method

Standard software

Security measures

Battery runtime

Internet access through the Department’s network will be provided at no cost to students enrolled in NSW Public Schools at DoE sites.

Provide support to assist students with establishing network connectivity with the BYOD program device.

Accept no responsibility for the loss of or damage to, or for maintenance or repair required on a student’s own device

Should a student’s device fail to meet a requirement of the Device Specifications, the school will not facilitate the student’s access to any network or school services. The school may direct a student to cease bringing a device to school which does not meet all the requirements of the Device Specification.