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TAS (Technological and Applied)

Head Teacher:  Mr. L. Wise


The Technological and Applied Studies faculty implement curriculum from the vast array of subjects in our Key Learning Area. We engage and enlighten students in a combination of hands on practical work and up-to-date content and concepts relevant to modern day life. Design, the design process, design thinking, problem solving and project-based learning are all at the core of our curriculum and teaching and set students up to be lifelong and adaptable learners.


In Stage 4 (Years 7 & 8 Technology) students get to explore a variety of technologies throughout 4 contextualised modules, giving them the experiences necessary to make valid subject choices for Stage 5. Year 7, in particular, visit the PowerHouse Museum of Technology in Sydney for a focus on innovation, emerging technologies and the role of designers in society. Students have a lot of fun exploring new and permanent exhibitions. Last year we saw exhibitions varying from fashion by Collette Dinnigan, to space technology, to the future of manufacturing using 3D printing and other computer based applications across many industries.


Stage 5 is the grounds for student exploration and refinement of personal interest and future vocational choices through Food, Graphics, Textiles, Timber, Design and Information & Software Technologies. Last year we started a programming club for interested students from novice to experienced. We also entered the MadMaker Challenge where students learned to program to interact with electronics.


Stage 6 students achieve some excellent results with a choice of 9 HSC subjects on offer each year. Information Processes & Technology and our newly introduced Software Design & Development are our computing-based subjects. Engineering students visit the University of Wollongong to further enhance their understanding of the curriculum and we reintroduced Food Technology for the first time in many years last year and it is holding strong again this year. We still offer VET-Hospitality as an option for those wishing to attain certification, whilst still at school. Collections of creative, innovative and thoughtful projects are always produced across Design & Technology (including Textiles students) and Industrial Technology (Timber as well as Graphics). Last year we even had our first virtual reality presentations of HSC major projects.